Sex, Lies, and AIDS

A nationwide bestseller since its release in 2000 by HarperCollins India, Sex, Lies and AIDS demolishes the stock stereotype that Indians are asexual as well as government claims that the HIV epidemic is being controlled.

Simply written and with cartoons by the irrepressible Mario Miranda, Sex, Lies and AIDS can be read by anyone, whether college student, parent or politician.

Now available in a second paperback edition and in translation in several Indian languages, it is essential reading to understand the truths about Indian society, sexuality, government, and a disease that has affected millions.

Reviews for Sex, Lies and AIDS

A lucid, compelling and indefatigably researched attempt to stem the tide of denial, prejudice, ineptitude and bigotry that characterize Indian attitudes and policies on AIDS.

The Telegraph

Impassioned and lucid analysis. This slim and clearly written volume should be mandatory reading for government officials, health workers and teachers throughout India.

Far Eastern Economic Review

The real story of AIDS in India and why you should care. In chillingly simple terms portrays the horrors that will befall us if we don’t act soon.


A deeply disturbing book…(written) with language and passion that leave you wrung out.

Dilip D’Souza | Frontline

Combines a sense of personal outrage, individual insights, meticulous research and documentation, and case histories of real ordinary citizens. The reports of the sexual biographies of a variety of ordinary citizens…invest this book with greater value than any dozen treatises on AIDS.

Ashok Banker |

A must-read for every Indian. Anyone worried about their own health or that of the nation simply cannot afford to give it a miss. It lays to rest too many myths for that.

The Statesman

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